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About Us

Land Development & Construction

Our Land Development and Construction Department coordinates all aspects of land development, taking projects from acquisition, design, budgeting and permitting, through construction and occupancy. We work collaboratively with our customers to determine the best design approach for each building site, and provide value engineering, scheduling and construction management services to ensure Merritt’s continuing reputation for quality construction. By cultivating strong partnerships with design consultants and subcontractors, we instill a sense of pride in our product that leads to long-term satisfaction for our customers. Additionally, we are leading the way towards environmentally responsible development by incorporating sustainable practices and technologies in all of our new projects.

Field Team

  • Doug Anderson
  • Brendan Byrne
  • Bryan Cornell
  • Chad Eckenrode
  • Tanner Everton
  • Stephen "Craig" Flowers
  • Tim Garrett
  • Chris Knoll
  • Christopher Morris
  • Andrew Nance
  • Mike Passarello
  • Tyler Potepan
  • Michael Roecker
  • Nick Wolf