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Dunbar Security Solutions

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Dunbar Security Solutions

Who/What is Dunbar Security Solutions?

Dunbar Security Solutions is one of two divisions of the security company Dunbar Armored. Within the past decade, security threats have evolved to include not only physical threats, but also threats on digital assets and information. Dunbar Security Solutions focuses on defending against these threats through cybersecurity analysis, implementation of security systems and other protective services. 

What They Needed

Dunbar Security Solutions had several requirements when it came to acquiring their new space. They needed a space that could house all their employees and serve as a showcase to clients, as well as a space that was able to protect all their internal information. Due to the nature of their business, as a security firm, Dunbar’s core space needed to be impermeable to outside threats in order to protect the data of their clients. They also wanted the ability to grow within their space as the need for defense against digital threats will increase.  

How Merritt Helped Them

Merritt was able to offer Dunbar Security Solutions an integrated plan, one that gave them all the specs they needed for their Security Operations Center, and also stayed within budget. Merritt showed Dunbar an existing office space and laid out how they could transform the space into what Dunbar needed. Merritt’s team worked closely with Dunbar throughout the build-out process to make their vision come to life. 

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