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Nalley Fresh

Schilling Green II

Nalley Fresh

Who/What is Nalley Fresh?

Nalley Fresh is a local, pick-and-point, fast-casual restaurant with international flavor. Nalley Fresh takes pride in their healthy, unique and ever-changing ingredients along with their knowledgeable and friendly employees. They offer a large variety of options including salads, bowls and wraps and allow the customer to be their own chef.   

What They Needed

Greg Nalley, founder of Nalley Fresh, was looking for another location to complement his first Nalley Fresh located in the heart of Baltimore. He wanted to be in a location where he believed his business would thrive and where all different walks of life would enjoy his ingredients, whether they be CEO’s, administrators or construction workers. More than anything, Greg was looking for someone to believe in his business and his dream.

How Merritt Helped Them

Merritt approached Greg Nalley of Nalley Fresh asking if he would be willing to open his second restaurant in a Hunt Valley location. Merritt was by Greg's side every step of the way through touring the space, to the build-out, to daily operations and maintenance. Greg Nalley knew Merritt to be honest, trustworthy people and, with that, he was more than willing to believe in Merritt just as much as they believed in him.  Now customers can find Nalley Fresh within two Merritt buildings in Hunt Valley at Schilling Green II and in Towson at The Exchange.  

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