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SAAB Defense and Security

20700 Loudoun County Parkway

SAAB Defense and Security

Who/What is SAAB Defense and Security?

SAAB Defense and Security is responsible for the support of two SAAB aircraft throughout North and South America. They provide the needed equipment to maintain and repair these aircraft, as well as craft engineering solutions to keep the aircraft performing at their best.

What They Needed

George Caracost, the VP and General Manager of SAAB Defense and Security in the Americas, and his team were looking for a large flex facility. They needed warehouse space to hold their product inventory as well as a traditional office space for their employees, all under one roof. As a defense contractor, SAAB also needed several secure zones within the space. Finally, SAAB wanted the space to be in a great location where their employees had access to an abundance of amenities, including food and shopping areas.

How Merritt Helped Them

Merritt showed George and his team at SAAB a vacant lot of land and asked them to envision a new building with all the features they were seeking in a new headquarters for their company.  Although they were originally looking to retrofit an existing building, Merritt’s willingness and ability to fulfill all of their building requirements ultimately convinced Caracost, who was intrigued by the idea of creating a space that was created specifically for their company.

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