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Vytex Windows

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Vytex Windows

Who/What is Vytex Windows?

Vytex Windows is a custom manufacturer of high-end, energy-efficient, vinyl windows and doors. They also measure, install and service those windows for their customers.

What They Needed

They were looking for a space in Maryland, between Baltimore and DC that could accommodate their large manufacturing needs. Being a full-service window manufacturer, they needed a space with high ceilings, numerous bay doors and the ability for growth within the space.

How Merritt Helped Them

A majority of Merritt buildings are located off of major highways with access to many amenities, so Merritt had just the right location and space for Vytex. Vytex chose a 125,000 SF space at Merritt’s Savage Business Park in Laurel. During the entire process of moving in and getting acquainted with their space, Merritt was very easy to work with and understood the needs of Vytex as a company. As Vytex began to expand, Merritt worked with them to create a renovation plan. No matter what their needs, Vytex knows Merritt understands their bright vision.

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