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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Merritt perform interior construction alterations for my space?

Yes, we will perform those alterations that we agreed upon in your lease. Should you desire further renovations, your leasing representative will get in touch with our Interior Design team, who will meet with you to go over the alterations before we begin construction.

How do I decide on my interior space finishes?

Our Interior Design team can help you select your interior finishes – we have a full range of finish samples to guide you in your decision.

If Merritt is making interior construction alterations to my space, what has to happen before I can move in?

Our Interior Construction department will apply for any necessary building permits, meet with sub-contractors, and develop a construction work schedule that we will share with you.

Who can I contact regarding the interior construction process?

Jason Blotzer and Skip Miller are construction managers for our leased properties in Maryland. In Virginia, please contact Keith Niepokoj. Each manager would be happy to chat about a project or any questions you may have.

Who handles the telephone, security, and computer lines?

You will be responsible for these lines, and since we would like to work closely with your vendors, please have them contact our Interior Construction group by calling 410-298-2600.

Do I need to obtain a permit for any electrical work?

Yes, you will need a permit for low voltage electric installations such as phone and alarm systems.

How do I handle the utilities for my space?

Unless you are located in one of our multi-story office buildings, you will be in charge of your individually metered gas and electric bills, so you should contact BGE at 1-800-685-0123 before you move in. Water usage will be billed quarterly. We receive one bill per quarter per building, which we prorate according to the provisions defined in your lease.

How do I make my lease payments?

You can mail your monthly rent check to 2066 Lord Baltimore Drive, Baltimore, MD 21244. Please include your account number on the check. Or, you can your pay rent electronically. We would directly deduct your monthly rent from the account of your choice. Please call Meg Truchon at 410-298-2600 if you want to sign up for this program or have any questions.

In Virginia, please contact Mindy Redd at 703-858-2725. 

What if I am having a problem paying my rent?

You should call your assigned leasing representative, who will discuss your situation and help you in any way they can.

What happens after construction is complete?

We will perform a walk-through inspection of your space and create a “punch-list”, which identifies items that require attention or correction. We will take care of these as soon as possible, usually within the first month of occupancy.

Do I have to send Merritt a copy of my Certificate of Insurance?

Yes, please mail a copy of your Certificate of Insurance to:
Merritt Properties
2066 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD 21244

Does Merritt test a building's fire system?

Yes, tests are performed twice a year, under a contractual agreement with either Reliance Fire Protection or Virginia Sprinkler Company.

Who will handle building maintenance?

We will take care of any necessary building maintenance. We also handle all customer service requests, in which case you should call 410-298-2600 in Maryland and 703-858-2725 in Virginia and ask to speak with someone in the Customer Service department. Or, visit our online service request portal

Does Merritt provide janitorial or sanitation services?

Unless you are located in one of our Class A office buildings, you are responsible for any janitorial or sanitation services. We can refer you to service providers upon request.

Does Merritt have a key to my property?

No – we respect your privacy, and it is our policy not to enter your space without your company personnel being present. You have the only keys to your space.

Who is responsible for pest control?

While we take measures to control this, you should do your best to keep the premise free from all pests, vermin, rodents, insects, and termites.

Are there enough parking spaces, and are they assigned to tenants throughout my building?

We have planned for ample, non-exclusive parking at all of our developments, and expect that each tenant primarily uses the parking spaces in front of their space.

Is outside storage permitted?

No, outside storage is not allowed. 

Are there security services installed in my space?

Not at this time, but we can assist you with a list of vendors. Of course, please let us know if you are experiencing recurring security-related issues.