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Building Green

In the course of our 45-plus-year history, Merritt has established a reputation as a leader in utilizing design, construction, and operational practices to create buildings that achieve high marks for energy efficiency even by today’s green standards. So, it’s only natural that we have emerged as a regional leader in green building.

A Long-Term View


We take the same approach to green building that we take to every other aspect of our business. It’s a long-term view and, with resources in dwindling supply, that vision is more relevant now than ever. We have learned to balance environmental concerns and commercial use with the specific needs of each customers’ business. As a natural evolution of our long-standing commitment to simply building a better building, Merritt has embraced the emergence of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating System.  

At Merritt, we understand the intersection of cost, quality, and sustainability, and we recommend green building solutions you can trust.

Greener New Construction & Redevelopment

We have the expertise to guide your green building project and help you develop a healthier, more sustainable work environment. With a focus on innovation, flexibility, and collaboration, we are well versed in leading-edge technical practices related to green building. Furthermore, we are continually identifying and testing emerging technologies for use in both new and existing projects.

Merritt’s portfolio contains numerous LEED projects, including the first LEED Core & Shell (CS) Platinum building in the Baltimore metropolitan area. These projects are guided by our multi-disciplined team of LEED Accredited Professionals, who have expertise in green construction, design, building operations, and leasing.

Greener Existing Buildings

The standards of high quality and high efficiency we set with new construction also apply in addressing the adaptive reuse and redevelopment of existing properties. We are focused on ensuring that our existing properties also meet third-party sustainability standards, with 15 existing buildings currently registered under LEED for Existing Buildings, Operation, and Maintenance.

Greener Interiors

To help provide a healthier and more productive workplace for our customers’ most important asset – their employees – we work closely with companies to optimize their space. Numerous studies now substantiate the long-held assumption that greener workspaces improve employee productivity. And, of course, higher productivity directly impacts a company’s bottom line. 

We assist our customers in achieving greener workspaces by incorporating:     

  • Increased ventilation
  • Individual comfort control
  • Low- to no-VOC materials
  • Optimal daylighting and views to the outside
  • Recycled content furnishings
  • Energy-saving lighting and appliances
  • Water-efficient fixtures
  • Recycling programs
  • Green housekeeping

Whether a company is looking for a LEED-certified interior or simply a healthier indoor environment, our in-house interior design team will guide our customers through the design and planning process, based upon the LEED for Commercial Interiors Rating System.

Merritt Properties -- Incorporating Green Into Your Work Life.