2018 - Award of Excellence - Build-to-Suit Office - The Living Legacy Foundation

  • The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland

The renovation project for The Living Legacy Foundation consisted of a two-phase build-out to expand their existing single-story office from 33,000 square feet to a one-of-a-kind, 47,633-square-foot, two-story office. 

As a 24-hour organ transplant facility, it was imperative to the owner that Living Legacy remained operational throughout the entire construction process. Additionally, they occupied the end units of a single-story flex building and didn’t have the ability to expand further. Merritt devised a unique plan to expand Living Legacy’s footprint vertically, rather than horizontally, with a 15,000 SF second-story addition over the top of their existing space housing conference rooms, private offices, a training room, kitchen, and employee gym. Using bridge trusses and vertical columns to support the new structure, Merritt was able to build the addition without interfering with Living Legacy’s daily operations. Once the addition was complete, Merritt then renovated the existing first-floor office space to match the high-end, modern finishes in the addition and added a two-story reception area.

Through collaborative planning and innovative design, The Living Legacy Foundation was able to expand their existing single-story office to provide the additional space they needed as a growing business, while remaining fully operational through almost all of construction.

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