• Leroy Merritt

    About Us

    Our Founder, Leroy Merritt

    Leroy Merritt, who founded our company more than 50 years ago, often completed deals on a handshake. That level of trust and respect continues at Merritt today. We're committed to honest and fair business dealings that grow our customer relationships into long-term partnerships. 


  • Merritt history

    Creating Homes for Businesses

    For Over 50 Years

    As a full-service commercial real estate firm with over 19 million square feet in more than 70 locations, we own and manage more commercial space than any privately held developer in the Baltimore/Washington area and have an unmatched reputation for our commitment to our customers. 

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Submit a Grant Request

We are always grateful to learn about organizations serving the immediate needs of disadvantaged women and children in the area. Unfortunately, we receive more than 800 grant requests each year and are simply unable to fulfill them all. Therefore, we ask that you ensure that your request falls within our mission statement prior to submitting.

We accept requests on a rolling basis throughout the year, and they are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Please email your completed request to [email protected]. Thank you for your service to our community.