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  • Michele Tsucalas

    Founder & Owner

    Michele's Granola

    "Merritt didn't just want to build us a space and lease us a space, they wanted our business to succeed. From the very beginning of our relationship, Merritt said to me, 'When you're ready to grow, we'll help you grow.'"

  • Joe Mezzanotte


    Whiteford, Taylor & Preston

    "Merritt makes promises, they deliver on those promises, they deliver on time, and they deliver on budget."

  • Steve Martin


    Firaxis Games

    "Merritt employees truly love their jobs and consistently deliver solutions in a fast, creative and cost-effective manner."

  • Greg Nalley


    Nalley Fresh

    "Merritt is a fantastic company, and I’m very fortunate to have partnered with them. They believed in my company, and I believed in them. It is a relationship that is going to keep growing."

  • Darren McCue


    Dunbar Security Solutions

    "We were able to have a very integrated approach with Merritt, with the build-out, the construction team, and the designer to help us build a space that is as beautiful as this is."

  • George Caracost

    Vice President & General Manager

    SAAB Defense and Security

    "It was always a positive experience with Merritt. In our entire experience with Merritt ‘no’ was not in their vocabulary. It was always ‘we can make that work’ or ‘we can find a solution to your need’ and that set Merritt apart."

  • Steve Borsh

    COO and VP

    Bakery Express

    "It's always easy to get a hold of somebody when you need something. The team at Merritt is always extremely responsive, extremely professional, and extremely efficient about getting things done and always a pleasure to work with. We could not be more pleased to be Merritt’s partner and tenant and look forward to our partnership for many years to come."

  • Dr. Tyrone Taborn

    Chairman & CEO

    Career Communications Group

    "Merritt has been like family to us. We came into this building almost 20 years ago, and Merritt has been there for us as our business needs have evolved. It has just been easy to want to remain here."

  • Adam Weinrub

    Vice President

    Vytex Windows

    "Merritt has been really great as an organization.  Any time we have an issue that comes up or something that we need help with, the service is immediate, and basically everything that we have ever needed since we have been here has been handled in a timely, efficient manner and we couldn’t be any happier."

  • Koren Ray & David Brewer

    Chief Visionary Officer & CEO

    Hobo The Original

    "As a creative company, we wanted a space that was cool and quirky—but also worked. With Merritt, we had a designer who listened and helped us create this environment that we think is a true reflection of our brand DNA"

  • Philip Gottwals & Tim Hosking


    Friends & Farms

    "We worked hand-in-hand with Merritt’s leasing and construction teams to get planning and development done. We can’t think of a time when we were left waiting for a decision to be made or a process to be undertaken. We also wanted the capability as we grew to be able to adapt our space. It was important to work with a landlord who understood small companies and companies with growth intentions. Merritt fit the bill and our experience has been excellent. We asked, we got it. That’s the best way to describe the relationship."

  • Saad Alam & Lee Jokl



    "Merritt had the character that we really wanted in order to build our company and the most important thing is we wanted a place that we could see ourselves growing and the staff that we met at Merritt was very accommodating and understood where we wanted to go and they didn’t flinch when we told them about our growth plans."

  • Brian Hudkins



    "The dedication to meeting our needs has been evident in each and every project…the end result has been nothing short of spectacular."

  • Judith E. Antisdel


    Anne-Tisdale Direct

    "As our company grew, Merritt coordinated a seamless transition from a small warehouse to a sophisticated production facility. This flexibility allowed us to serve our clients better and continue our growth. Thank you, Merritt!"

  • Sonny Marshall

    President & CEO

    Marshall Communications

    "As a government contractor, it is critical that we provide reliable communication systems to our clients. Understanding this, Merritt Properties suggested and built custom solutions to meet our unique requirements."

  • Rich LaPerch


    Aegis Mobile

    "I was on a short time frame to get my project done of moving into a new headquarters. I selected Merritt due to my confidence in them delivering a quality product in the timeframe required. Not only did they deliver - they over delivered - and I now have a world class facility to house my growing enterprise."

  • Eric Lewis


    Alexander Design Studio

    "The jury from Virginia reviewed approximately 135 submissions and chose 15 projects for outstanding design (including Phillips). ..This achievement is only possible with the collaboration of a visionary, exacting and devoted builder. Working with you and the rest of your team was truly an honor and pleasure. I look forward to the next opportunity."

  • Charles L. Burman


    Bakery Express

    "Each and every person at Merritt with whom we have worked has performed their job in a totally professional and conscientious manner and has been a pleasure to work with. The project was completed on time, the quality of the construction was excellent and attention to detail was given throughout every stage of the project. We could not be more pleased to be your partner and tenant and look forward to our partnership for many years to come."

  • Frederick J. Puente


    Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

    "Your concern, dedication and commitment to meeting our needs has made this space not just a work place, but rather a home…"

  • Donna Potter

    Senior Director of Real Estate & Corporate Services

    CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

    "CareFirst considers Merritt Properties one of its top landlords for many reasons, but primarily it is their flexibility and personal relationships that make them a pleasure to do business with. Merritt Properties holds themselves to the highest levels of excellence and trustworthiness that we find as important qualities in a landlord. They are innovative and responsive which provides value to CareFirst in solving the real estate challenges that we encounter in our market."

  • Elizabeth Villareal


    Carpet Fair

    "Partnering with Merritt, who shares in a strong commitment to quality and job satisfaction, makes for a great working relationship."

  • Bruce D. Iannatuono


    Chess Communications Group

    "Thank you and your team for making my vision a reality."

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Senior Vice President

    Commonwealth Commercial, Inc.

    "It is gratifying to see your team fulfill their commitments whether spoken or written. I just would like to say to you and the entire team thank you for honoring your commitments. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated."

  • Carl K. Kilhoffer

    Vice President

    Custom Direct, Inc.

    "Your cooperation in getting the job done has made our business with Merritt a true joy."

  • Tom Holste


    Delta Installation Group & Omega Trading Co.

    "I believe that good people associate with good people and the Merritt company has proven that."

  • Ian MacFarlane

    President & CEO

    EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.

    "As an environmental company, we were attracted to Merritt, not only because of their stellar reputation, but also because of their background and desire for environmentally sustainable building. We wanted to lead by example, and this space allows us to do just that."

  • Mike Battle


    EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.

    "As an environmental company, we were attracted to Merritt, not only because of their stellar reputation, but also because of their background and desire for environmentally sustainable building. We wanted to lead by example, and this space allows us to do just that."

  • Lynda Baker

    Senior Project Management Specialist

    FedEx Express

    "When we first came to the Maryland market, Merritt provided our CEO – on a handshake – a building for lease when no one else thought that we were worth it. We like the Merritt company, because they are people of their word."

  • David G. Albert

    Chairman & CEO

    Hinkle-Albert Enterprises, Inc.

    "The Merritt team was instrumental in helping us resolve numerous design issues while keeping an eye on the budget and meeting an aggressive deadline."

  • Edward W. Merrow


    Independent Project Analysis, Inc.

    "My company evaluates capital construction projects for the largest corporations in the world … Therefore, I know what I am talking about when I say that your performance in developing this building was world class."

  • David Kelly

    Chief Organizational Officer

    Kelly & Associates

    "As we’ve grown, Merritt has found solutions for us even if it wasn’t the best thing for them. That makes you trust them, and you know you can count on them. All the Merritt folks I’ve dealt with – they’ve all been honorable."

  • Traci Migliorisi

    Director of Finance


    "We were looking for a space to foster that creative and collaborative environment needed to be an iterative technology company. From leasing to design to property maintenance, the folks at Merritt have listened and accommodated our requests."

  • Drew Greenblatt


    Marlin Wire

    "It’s really neat because we farm out our legal, accounting and real estate issues. The excellent service that Josie, George and the rest of customer service provide makes it very difficult for us to ever think about moving elsewhere. We can focus on manufacturing a high-quality product and shipping quickly. We have no need to focus on real estate issues because Merritt Properties takes care of that. They are adept at responding and resolving problems quickly."

  • Elenora Campbell

    Mid-Atlantic Fountain Design

    "We have been leasing from Merritt for almost 30 years. Any time we had any problems, even during the night, they were there for us."

  • Marc D. Kantrowitz

    Managing Director

    PHS Ltd

    "You are faced with many options in today’s market, but after we moved into our new offices at Merritt we felt like we were home!"

  • Kay Calivas

    Managing Director

    Stephen James Associates

    "Being in the service industry, I am always impressed by others who are quick to respond to a client’s needs. Please know that your actions were greatly appreciated by everyone at Stephen James Associates!"

  • Brock Yetso

    President & CEO

    Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

    "Merritt’s help allowed us to continue to allocate as many of our funds toward our mission as possible, while also achieving an amazing home that is a great welcome center for our patients, families, donors and volunteers."

  • Diane Coughlin

    President & CEO

    United Cerebral Palsy

    "Throughout the entire construction and interior build-out process, the Merritt team kept in close communication with us and was extremely responsive to our questions…The collaborative relationship allowed us to proceed through the project with confidence that the end result would indeed make our vision a reality."

  • Zack Mond


    Z&M Enterprises

    "The people at Merritt have always made us feel like we were “top priority”…this feeling is one of the most critical elements in maintaining a good business relationship and in this instance, strong tenant retention."