• July 30, 2015
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Make Your Office a Nice Place to Work, Not a Pit of Despair

"While there are numerous opinions on how office environments should be designed and organized, there’s no denying workplace well-being should be a priority for every organization.", writes Mark Hirons in his article titled 5 Ways to Make An Office A Nice Place To Work, Not A Soul-Sucking Pit Of Despair. "New ideas and creative design approaches continue to emerge that empower companies of all scale and business focus to take steps that will enrich the lives of their employees." Hirons continues by suggesting ideas that every organization should consider in order to stregthen its approach to workplace well-being:

  • Promote Purposeful Movement
  • Learn From Higher Education: Destination Planning
  • Understand the Well Building Standards
  • Integrate Healthy Materials
  • Think Holistically: Consider Mental Heath

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